Cowaramup Bay Boardriders Club Constitution

Section 1 – Name, Objectives and Particulars

1.1 The name is Cowaramup Bay Boardriders Club Inc.

2.1 The Objectives of the club are,
a. Provide the surfing youth of the South West Region the opportunity to learn and be guided in the sport of both recreational and competitive surfing in a safe adult and socially rewarding environment.
b. Encourage the involvement of families in the club.
c. For members to enjoy a sense of community spirit and camaraderie within the club.
d. For members to gain sense of responsibility and care for the coastline.
e. To sustain a healthy membership base.

3.1 Annual General Meeting to be held in January each year.
3.2 Committee meetings to be held monthly at Gracetown Hall.
3.3 Committee members shall be the following,
a. President
b. Vice President
c. Secretary
d. Treasurer
e. Including up to five general committee members.
3.4 Quorum for all committee meetings shall be not less than 5 committee members.
3.5 The terms of office of committee members is 12 months.
3.6 The office of all committee members will become vacant at the AGM.
3.7 Casual vacancies / resignations on the committee will be filled at the next committee meeting.
3.8 CBBC is required to keep updated records of names & addresses of all committee members.
3.9 Cheque signatories shall be President, Vice President and treasurer (two signatures required at all times).
3.10 Financial year will be a calendar year.
3.11 Membership fees due upon end of financial year.
3.12 Postal address PO Box 1353 Margaret River 6285 Western Australia.

Section 2 Ethical Core Values

4.1 Equality in membership, all members are valued equally to the club.
4.2 All levels of surfing ability are valued by the club.
4.3 The club encourages family atmosphere and participation of all family members.
4.4 All members to show mutual respect for all members of the club.
4.5 All committee members to show respect for all members when considering key decisions within the club.

5. Parent Behaviour
5.1 All parents are expected to behave in a responsible and controlled manner.
5.2 All parents are expected to lead by example in a display of good sportsmanship.
5.3 Any display of poor behaviour or bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated by the club.
5.4 Examples of poor behaviour or bad sportsmanship are;
a. Disputing a head judges and contest directors decision.
b. Foul language
c. Confrontational behaviour
d. Aggressive and abusive behaviour

6. Junior member behaviour
6.1 All junior members are expected to behave in the spirit of good sportsmanship and respect for each other.
6.2 All junior members are expected to display good behaviour.
6.3 Bullying (physical or verbal) will not be tolerated at the club.
6.4 The expectation is that all children will be reprimanded by their parents for poor behaviour and poor sportsmanship.

7.Committee behaviour
7.1 Committee members are expected to act in the best interests of the CBBC and not to engage in any conduct harms the club.
7.2 Committee members are expected to act with honesty and integrity when carrying out duties.
7.3 Committee members may not misuse their position or promote their own interests ahead of those of the club.
7.4 The expectation is that committee members will attend meetings and if not send apologies.
7.5 In the event of a problem or dispute committee members cannot claim they did not know about the rules of the club.

Section 3 systems and procedures

8. Annual General Meeting
8.1 The following business will be considered at the annual general meeting,
a. Election of incoming committee.
b. Receipt from the current treasurer of a report, balance sheet and statement of accounts from the proceeding year.
c. The appointment off an auditor, which appointment is optional.
d. Audit conducted at the end of the club financial year.
e. Membership fees to be set for the coming year to be discussed & endorsed by the current committee.
f. Age divisions to be set for the coming year based upon membership.
g. General business.

9. Alcohol
9.1 The club will not accept any sponsorship from alcohol providers.
9.2 The club will not provide nor purchase any alcohol for any club event.
9.3 The consumption of alcohol at club contests will not be tolerated.
9.4 Club contest areas are an alcohol & smoke free zone.

10. Confidentiality
10.1 Any personal information given to the club by any member is to remain confidential.

11. Contest Structures
11.1 Contest staff
a. Contest director
b. Assistant contest director
c. Head judge
d. Judges minimum of three
e. Committee member (Assist in new members and organisation)
f. Refer to contest staff job descriptions for details.
11.2 Age division policy to be inline with Surfing WA.
11.3 Junior members must be under the age division in the calendar year.
11.4 Judging criteria & contest rules to be inline with Surfing WA.
11.5 Aggregate points scoring system shall be in accordance with ASP scoring system. All scoring shall be based on four decimal places eg: 1000 points 1st place.
11.6 All aggregate points will be based on best five competition results.
11.7 Six competitions to be scheduled each calendar year.
11.8 Competition registration by Friday 7pm before any Sunday competition.

12. Breaches of Behaviour
12.1 Parents in breach of parent behaviour standards will be issued with a warning by the committee.
12.2 A second offence will result in a 12-month ban from club events for the parent only.
12.3 In the case of committee member one warning results in dismissal from the committee. A second offence results in a 12-month ban for the parent only.
12.4 The committee will give consideration to the degree of poor behaviour when considering its decision.

13.Membership fees
13.1 Membership fees will be due on or before the 31st January.
13.2 Fees not received by this date will result in competitors being ineligible to enter contest.

14.Committee meetings
14.1 President to chair all meetings.
14.2 All agenda items for committee meetings to be forwarded to the secretary 72hrs prior to the meeting.
14.3 All meetings commence at 7.30pm.
14.4 Refer to item 3.4.
14.5 Treasurers reports are to be presented at each meeting.

15.Insurance & finance
15.1 The CBBC shall hold a current policy of insurance relating to the injury of any club member.
15.2 The period of insurance shall be a calendar year.
15.3 The injury policy must be presented to all incoming committees by the previous committee.
15.4 The policy must include public liability, products liability & professional indemnity.
15.5 The policy must be held in the club records by both the President & secretary.
15.6 All committees are responsible for the financial decisions on behalf on the CBBC.
15.7 Financial decisions are to be made in the long-term interests of the CBBC.

16. Affiliation
16.1 CBBC is to be affiliated with Surfing WA.

17. Disputes resolution
17.1 Any member who would like to dispute a decision, be it a committee decision or contest decision will email their grievance to the secretary, to be listed as an item on the next committee agenda.
17.2 They may attend the meeting for a response or will receive a committee response from the secretary post meeting.

18. Club records
18.1 All club records & history are to be made available to all club members upon request.
18.2 All club records and history are to be periodically maintained.
18.3 The responsibility for the overseeing club records, history, annual collection & filing is the responsibility of the President.